BMI For Children – How to Find the Right BMI Calculator

Are you one of those parents who think that finding a BMI calculator for children is a must in order to get their accurate body mass index? If you are, then you need to realize that there is no such thing as a special type of calculator for kids.

The Reason Why You Don’t Need a Special Calculator

The formula that is being used to compute for a person’s body mass index is universal. It can and should be used on anyone regardless of their age or gender. This is the reason why it is fair to believe that there is no such thing as a special type of calculator for this type of computation. If someone is trying to sell you these types of calculators, you should say no to them immediately since they are definitely trying to scam you into shelling out some cash.

The Special Measures When How Old Am I Computing for Your Kids’ Body Mass Index

Even though you don’t really need a special type of calculator for the job, this does not mean that the guidelines that you are going to follow when it comes to interpreting the outcomes do not change.

After you have calculated the body mass index of your children, the next thing that you need to do is to find or download a BMI-for-age chart. You need to remember that there is a separate chart for the male and female categories. You need to secure a chart that is meant to be used on your kids’ gender.

The column located in the leftmost part of the chart is where you should plot the age of your child. It is calibrated in months which is the reason why you need to convert your kids’ ages in months in order to get an accurate result. You will then need to find and plot the body mass index of your kids in the preceding columns. Here is how you can interpret the results once you are done plotting the age and the body mass index of your kids.

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