How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over in No Time

If you want to impress your friends with a tricks your dog can demonstrate, you definitely should know how to teach a dog to roll over! It is one of the most interesting and funny tricks. Besides, it is simple and your dog will learn to do it in no time!

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over Easily
What you should start with? Before you begin any training make sure you are in a positivene mood. Your love and passion will make training pleasant for the dog. You should have enough tasty food for the training. And the dog should be rested and full of love. When all preparations are finished, it is time to begin training.

First of all teach your dog to lie down. Place the dog into a sitting state. After that command “down” take a treat and bring it to the floor. Your dog will follow it. You may help the dog to interpret the command by pushing your pet mildly towards the floor. After your beloved friend lied down, Copper kettle┬ádon’t forget to reward the dog and give a treat. Repeat these exercises as many times as needed for the dog to learn the command.

When your dog knows the command “down”, you may begin to teach your faithful friend to roll over. Take a piece of food and hold it behind the dog’s neck when it lies. Your pet will have to turn over to get it. Command “roll over”. Softly help your dog to roll over with your hand if needed. Don’t forget to encourage your dog and give the treat. Some dogs don’t like to show their stomach. You should be patient and loving, if you want to teach your dog the command.

The last step in learning how to teach a dog to roll over is to practice a lot. Every training should last 5-10 minutes. If you try to work longer, your dog will be tired and bored. You may repeat your exercises up to 3 times per day. When your dog teaches to roll over for a treat, try to use the command without a treat. But don’t forget to cheer your faithful friend for every achievement.

A Few Tips how to Make Trainings More Productive
Your dog loves you! And your beloved friend likes to spend time with you! And you can do the trainings not only productive, but pleasant both for you and your dear pet. There are a few tips how to make trainings more productive:

  • Be optimistic. Your positive mood will help your pet to understand you even faster. The dog will pick up your passion and will work with you willingly.
  • Choose the correct piece of food. It must be something your dog loves the most and doesn’t eat every day. If your pet doesn’t like to make tricks for food, you may use toys for rewording your pet.
  • Reward your dog for each success. This will cheer your fluffy friend to try even more hard.
  • You may choose commands by yourself. If you don’t love the command “roll over”, you may change it into “roll” or any other word. But it should be short enough if you want your dog to remember it. And once chosen the command can’t be relearned.
  • Change the place of exercises. Begin to teach your dog a new command at home, then try to use the command at the street. It will help your dog to show the trick in any place.
  • Never cry at the dog during trainings. It will just frighten your pet. Only positivene mood and your enthusiasm will make the task easier.

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