Similarities Between Opal Office Writer and Microsoft Word Download

Microsoft Corp’s dominance in the field of Operating Systems and other applications like MS Office is unquestionable. There was a time when MS Office, which includes applications like Microsoft word download, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc., was installed on every computer. However, over the last few years, Microsoft’s dominance in this has been challenged by independent and opensource applications that replicate the functions of MS Office.

No longer is Word by Microsoft the only way to work on documents over the computer. Today, there are alternatives like OpenOffice and Opal Office Writer, also known as OOW, that offer almost the same key functions without the complications and high price tag. Of course, there are many benefits to using Opal Office Writer as compared to Microsoft Word download and the most important amongst these is the fact that it doesn’t require a license key!

We all know that MS Word can only work with a proper licensed key. But since OOW is opensource software, Microsoft Word Free Download Full Version it has a LGPL license and is packed with features that are amongst the best in the word processing space. Constantly upgraded and maintained by a bunch of geeks, Opal Office is one of the best opensource word download processing software and a must have for those who are don’t want to bother with the fuss of using Microsoft word download.

There are many features common between MS Word and OOW. We are listing down some of the most common features that are found in Opal Office Word and Microsoft word document –

o Ability to save a word document in formats such as ‘.doc’

o Ability to send a.doc format file as an email attachment

o Ability to work on all Microsoft Operating Systems like Windows XP (all versions), Windows Vista, and Windows 2003

o OOW has the same features that Microsoft word has like spell and grammar checker

o OOW can also open your old Word download documents on your computer with ease

o Ability to publish word documents directly to the web in the HTML format

However, much like there are similarities between OOW and MS word download, there are a few major differences as well. These include –

1. The price. The OOW comes at a much lower price than Microsoft Word

2. The license. The OOW is an opensource with a LGPL license

3. The license key. The Opal Office Writer doesn’t require a license key as it’s an opensource application.

With so many fantastic features, Opal Office Writer is one of the best and most versatile opensource MS Word download alternatives today. You can download the software directly over the Internet for a small cost – $11.95 or you can order a CD that will be shipped to your address for $16.90 only! So go on get your very own copy of Opal Office Writer and get all the Microsoft Word download OEM features for a fraction of the price today!

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